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Fabric and Sizing

Standard sizes are determined by your length from hip to floor or your preference. In general I carry four different lengths of pants: 36”, 39”, 42”, and 45”. Unlike commercial pant fitting measurment along the inseam from crotch to ankle, this is an OUTSEAM measurement at the outside of your hip, from where you want your pants to sit, to the floor. All hip bands are made no roll elastic and safety pinned so you may adjust the hip for a perfect fit.

Goddess sizing is available for those that want a little more room in the crotch with a maximum hip of 50” for silk essence fabric and 54” for all others. Grand Goddess is designed to beautifully cover even the most bodacious bootay. This is a custom option - we make the Grand Goddess to measure for a perfect fit no matter your what your size. Please call if you want either Goddess sized pants. Allow up to 4 weeks for custom orders.

Peasant tops come in small/medium, large/extra large and Goddess size with some room for adjustment in the neck casing and around the rib cage.

Circle skirts are a custom order. Not only do I need your hip measurement but I will also need your hip to ankle measurement in the front and the back. I recommend that you have someone assist you with this. These skirts require 3-4 weeks to complete from the time the order is received. This will allow the fabric to stretch out on the bias.

For a tiered skirt I need your hip measurement and your hip to ankle measurement.

Please contact me for availability.

Zemira selecting a veil to compliment her ensemble of nebula peasant top,
lilac charmeuse pants.


Only synthetic fabrics, natural cotton and rayon are used in our products. All fabrics are completely washable in cold water only. On the subject of drying, I recommend that you hang or lay your garment flat instead of putting them into a dryer. This will preserve the life of your garment. It will last a lot longer and you won’t risk shrinking that can occur in cotton and rayon garments. If you need to iron your garment, press synthetic fabrics with a cool iron and use warmer if rayon or cotton. A hot iron will melt most of our lightweight polyester fabrics. Better to start off with a cool iron and adjust warmer if you need to.

I am often asked if the polyesters are hot to wear. Well, in my opinion no, and I can sweat just thinking of the tropics. But everyone is different when it comes to certain fibers touching their skin.

Fabrics Colors Available
Solid Chiffon
These chiffons are of the highest quality polyester from Japan. The people I buy this from know my specifications for this textile. No nylon look or feel. Occasionally I get a polyester chiffon georgette that is reminiscent of an Egyptian silk chiffon veil I had. It was soooo soft. This doesn’t happen too often, as the availability for this chiffon is sporadic.

Chiffon fabric is available as yardage in full yard increments only. Price is $3 per yard. Contact us for availabilty.

Solid Chiffon Colors
Lt. Yellow
Amber - Discontinued
Forest Green
Emerald Green
Baby Blue
Turquoise Blue
Royal Blue
Royal Purple

Colors not pictured:
Bright Red
Lt. Pink (Pants Only)
Light Teal
Dark Teal (Pants Only)
Navy Blue

Colors come and go.
Contact us for current availability.

Iridescent Chiffon

This fabric is being discontinued due to lack of supply.

What makes this different from the solid chiffon? The weave. The warp threads are a different color than the weft. This allows light to play off of the two different colors, giving more dimensions to the fabric when it is in motion. Iridescent is more expensive than the solid chiffon, but definitely worth it for the added color and sparkle.

Iridescent Chiffon fabric is available as yardage in full yard increments only. Price is $6 per yard. Contact us for availabilty.

Iridescent Chiffon Colors

Top Photo
Dark Blue - Unavailable
Blue - Unavailable
Caribbean Blue
Blue and Purple
Bottom Photo
Red - Unavailable
Dark Fuschia - Unavailable
Dusty Rose
Wine - Unavailable
Not Shown
Dark Green

Silk Essence

This fabric is being discontinued.

This is an incredible looking faux (fake) silk. I’ve only ever seen it at JoAnn Fabrics. It is a polyester microfiber, which is a filament even thinner than silk! Silk essence has the look of raw silk complete with tiny built-in wrinkles. This gives the fabric a wonderful draping effect and the delayed line of a circle skirt made of this cloth must be seen to be believed.

Silk Essence Colors

Antique Gold
Forest Green
Turquoise - Unavailable
Royal Blue
Navy - Unavailable
Wine - Unavailable
Purple - Unavailable
Panne Velvet

The latest edition to our line of fabrics is this exquisite stretch panne velvet. Unlike regular velvet, the surface has been crushed, creating an irregular pattern that catches the light. It is soft and comfortable, with the just the right amount of stretch to move with the body. It makes lovely peasant tops.

Photos of fabric selection coming soon.
Colors: White, Off White, Pink, Fuscia, Berry, Wine, Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Antique Gold, Brown, Olive, Green, Hunter Green, Light Teal, Turquoise, Blue, Cobalt Blue, Denim Blue, Dark Blue, Lilac, Royal Purple, Black.

Panne Velvet fabric is available as yardage in full yard increments only. Price is $6 per yard. Contact us for availabilty.

Satin Charmeuse

This is a heavy, shiny fabic used in our pants and skirts. Colors are intense and rich and the selection of colors is incredible. Though we only have a few colors right now, more is on the way, contacts us for availabilty.

Photos of fabric selection coming soon.
Colors: Red, Cranberry, Copper, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Green, Olive, Teal, Dark Teal, Turquoise, Blue, Fuscia, Purple, Dark Purple and Black.

Satin Charmeuse is available as yardage in full yard increments only. Pricing is $7 per yard. Contact us for availabilty.

Cotton and Rayon

I absolutely love both of these fabrics. Be sure to stop by my booth at one of the shows I’ll be at to take a look at some of these. The cottons are usually, though, not always, solid color, while the rayons have wild linear prints from Africa and India. These fabrics are not preshrunk so do not put a garment made out of one of them in the dryer. Only wash in cold water to retain the bright intense colors of these natural fibers. The rayons have a better drape and flow than the cottons when new. The cottons will soften up after several washings.

Cotton Colors include: Black, Burgundy, Magenta, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Hunter Green, Amber, Red, and Fuschia.

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